Snippets, Samples, & Media

On this page, I post samples of my works, including abstracts of conference papers, concert notes, score snippets of compositions, and videos of interest.

I adore the carillon we have on campus at UCSB. The carillon professor, Margo Halsted, mentioned that she was always looking for new material, so I thought I would try my hand at writing a short piece. I quickly learned that writing for carillon is like nothing I had written before. It may use a keyboard like a piano, but the method of playing with fists and feet permits a maximum of four notes at a time (and depending on range, even that can be *literally* a big stretch). So, first I wrote a version for “amateur piano,” and then re-adapted it for proper carillon with Margo’s help. This is the result.

I was raised outside of Seattle. As an adolescent, I wasn’t in love with it. It rained a lot and I always felt very far away, tucked in the far northwest corner of the country. After I moved away, I slowly realized the things I did like about Seattle and its culture, and I finally adopted some level of hometown pride that I wanted to turn into music. “Seattle Silhouettes” is a four-movement work that can be played in any order. The movements are titled “The Space Needle,” “Chihuly,” “Sound and Fir,” and “Hendrixious.” All four movements are simple meditations on a theme and an idea.

An abstract for the spring 2016 version of my conference paper “Levels of Reality and Artifice in The Talos Principle

An abstract for the spring 2017 version of my conference paper “The Equiton System of Notation as a Tool for Analysis”

An abstract for the spring 2018 version of my conference paper on walking simulators that I would adapt into my article on navigable narratives

An abstract for the fall 2018 version of my conference paper “Wishart and the Anti-Score,” adapted from a chapter in my dissertation

An abstract for the spring 2019 version of my conference paper on Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture that I am currently adapting into an anthology chapter

An abstract for the spring 2020 version of my conference paper “Sound Object (Per)mutation in Hurel’s Lecon de choses and Wishart’s Imago,” adapted from dissertation material

This video is my final project for the Open Access course at SJSU (Spring 2022).
My lightning talk on Jessica Curry’s sonic design and compositions in Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture. Presented (virtually) at the annual meeting of the American Musicological Society in November 2021.
My lightning talk on music’s role in Outer Wilds. Presented at the North American Conference of Video Game Music, April 2022.

Link to my final project for the beginning web design class I took at SJSU (Spring 2022). It is a website showcasing the asynchronous content for my data sonification workshop that I am developing.